James Frew: Summary Resumé


Of course...

“I have met and worked with some amazing people.  The better of these were positive catalysts to life-changing and enjoyable experiences - conduits to helping themselves on life’s journey.  Life is to be enjoyed; not necessarily endured; maximise your usefulness,” James responds.


Personal Details:

    Name: James Frew

    Trade: Industrial/Domestic Plumber

    Married: Carole McCulloch

    Children: Emma and Adam

University Education:

    Strathclyde University 1992

    The University of Glasgow 1993

    Free Church College 1996

    University of Wales 2010


    M.A. (Philosophy & Language)

    Dip Theol. (Theology)

    PhD (Textual Criticism [current])

Pastoral Experience:

    Kiltearn Free Church 1997- 2000

    Kiltearn Free Church [cont] 2000- 2007

    Magill Free Church [cont] 2007-2010

    Gospel Presbyterian Church Adelaide 2010

Teaching Experience:

    Lecturer in Apologetics 2003-2007

    New Testament Greek 1997- 2000

    New Testament Greek 2000- 2007

    Introduction to Apologetics 2007-210

    Introduction to Theology 2010-2011

    Introduction to Homiletics 2007-2010

A full curriculum vitae is available on request.